Terms of service

  1. Affiliates. Terms of service
    1. General information
    2. Traffic sources
    3. Restrictions
    4. Rights and obligations
    5. Penalties
    6. Order of payments
    7. Final information
  2. Advertisers. Terms of service
    1. Overall provisions
    2. Order of payments
    3. Content
    4. Termination of the terms

Affiliates. Terms of service


    The partner program of Clickvenus provides access to webmasters to work with offers of dating, entertainment, health, and beauty subjects through the smartlink with payment for various models (CPL, CPS, PPT).
    Clickvenus operates based on its own software, only on the clickvenus.com domain and its sub-domains.
    To participate in the affiliate program, the webmaster must register and pass through the activation process.
    Clickvenus's Administration reserves the right to refuse to activate an account without any explanations.


    Sources may include:

    1. Arbitration systems (purchase and sale) of traffic.
    2. Context, banner, and other advertising networks where you can buy traffic.
    3. Doorways.
    4. Social and entertainment networks.
    5. Sites belonging to the webmasters.
    6. Mail traffic in the case of conformity with the CAN-SPAM ACT.
    7. Other sources should be verified; to do so, it is necessary to contact your affiliate manager.

    Clickvenus's Administration reserves the right to reject any traffic source of a particular webmaster based on its own internal conclusions without explaining the reasons for such rejection.


    Webmasters are prohibited to:

    1. Use sources that violate the US and EU laws.
    2. To pump up the system in any way, including:
      1. Make leads by yourself and also generate motivated leads (to ask the community or friends to register).
      2. Initiate automatic actions of visitors using scripts, bots, or any other means.
      3. Hide or change the referrer links.
    3. Use SPAM techniques in any way of lead generation. Any affiliate found to send SPAM, including Clickvenus links, will have their account subject to immediate termination.
    4. Ignore requests for disclosure of traffic sources or any other information related to the activities of a Webmaster in the affiliate program of Clickvenus.
    5. Use someone's other requisites to receive payments.
    6. Use spyware tools.

    Webmaster must:

    1. Strictly comply with these rules.
    2. Promptly respond to requests and appeals of the Administration, including appeals of advertisers to eliminate the causes of complaints regarding the content and quality of advertising materials, as well as sources and methods for placement of such advertising materials. If, within 12 hours from the reception of the request or appeal from the Administration, there is no answer, the Administration has the right to block/suspend your smartlink temporarily.
    3. Provide necessary data to verify the quality of traffic, including:
      1. links;
      2. screenshots;
      3. promotional materials;
      4. schemes of work (the general plan, with no details);
    4. Clickvenus's Administration has the right to:
      1. Temporarily block/suspend your account to find out the reasons in relation to the advertiser's complaints against the traffic from this particular partner.
      2. Temporarily block the webmaster's account and suspend smartlink if the webmaster does not respond to the Administration's requests, does not have sales, or does not work with the system within 30 days. The Referral link stays active through suspended smartlinks.

    If you are VAT registered in the European Union, you confirm that you will not issue VAT invoices for goods or services covered by this agreement, and you agree to inform Galastir if you stop being registered for VAT, get a new VAT registration number or transfer your business as a going concern.


    In case of violation by the webmaster of this Regulation, Clickvenus shall be entitled to:

    1. Suspend payments on account to determine the causes.
    2. Block account without the possibility of access to the system, withdrawal of funds, and the subsequent unblocking.

    Clickvenus reserves the right to immediately and without notice terminate the Webmaster's participation in the Program if Clickvenus, at its sole and absolute discretion, concludes that the Webmaster has violated the terms of this Agreement. In such a case, the Affiliate will also be banned from future participation in the Program, and all money otherwise due to the Affiliate will be forfeited without further discussion.


    Payments to the webmasters are made via Wire transfer or on Paxum, WM-purses, PayPal, PerfectMoney, and Capitalist accounts. Commission conditions are described in the personal account of the webmaster. The requisites for the receipt of funds are specified in the private cabinet. Clickvenus Payment Period lasts from Tuesday to Thursday for the previous working week from Monday through Sunday.

    The minimum amount to be paid out is USD 100.

    Webmasters may involve other webmasters to register in Clickvenus (they'll be named referrals), using the referral link from the LINKS section. The referrer shall receive 3-7% of the revenue of a guest referral, depending on his volumes. Clickvenus carries out expenditures for referral bonus payments.


    The administration reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to change these rules.

Advertisers. Terms of service


    These Conditions and Terms of Advertiser (further referred to as 'Terms' or 'Conditions') describe and regulate the business processes that occur between the Advertiser and the Company (hereinafter named together as 'Sides' or 'Side' if mentioned separately) and also regulates the Insertion Order ('IO') and constitute the single and unified document altogether.

    The clickvenus.company (further referred to as 'Clickvenus' or 'Company') is free to inspect and correct any campaign before its start, accept or deny any campaign start if it considers it harmful, improper, or has disallowed features or content according to Par. 3 of these Terms.

    If you are VAT registered in the European Union, you confirm that you will not issue VAT invoices for goods or services covered by this agreement, and you agree to inform Galastir if you stop being registered for VAT, get a new VAT registration number or transfer your business as a going concern.


    1. Terms of payments.
      1. It is agreed that the sole responsible entity for all traffic registered in the private cabinet of the Advertiser is only the Advertiser. The Advertiser shall pay for this traffic and is free to order the necessary amount. The company is free to submit bills to Advertiser for payment for the traffic and associated events ('Actions') of the Advertiser, and the Advertiser must pay all fees/charges (including penalties, charges, and fines if applicable) indicated in the bills of the Company in accordance to the payment scheme disclosed below. Every invoice or bill shall be paid within the due date indicated on it, or else it would be considered overdue, and the latter ones may or will trigger the accrual of additional rates for overdue debt. Every bill or invoice must be paid in full accordance with the selected payment method indicated in IO.
    2. Model of payments & Reporting.
      • The CPL/CPA fees must be paid by Advertiser to the Company in full accordance with IO. The payment is made for each lead/sell provided by the Company/its affiliate structures. The final payment consists of the number of such leads/sales or/and any other additional fees applied to the Advertiser's advertising increased on the CPL/CPA rate by means of multiplication. The company indicates the number of successful leads/sales for the past reporting period within 5 working days from its end. The Company can also request that the Advertiser provides within two working days the data on sales/traffic for the previous or the other asked period. If it is found and estimated that during the past period, the Advertiser had more leads/sales/traffic than the Company guesstimated during its own calculations, the Advertiser must pay the full amount of such leads/sales/traffic according to the clarified data.
    3. Claims.
      1. If any claims arise in the Advertiser after the end of the previous reporting period or after the reception of the invoice, the Advertiser shall file a written claim or a dispute about the data essential for this claim to Clickvenus within ten calendar days after the month's end or seven calendar days after the invoice reception. If the indicated terms were not fulfilled, then it means that there were no claims from the Advertiser towards the Company, and the amounts to pay in the invoice are final and obligatory.
    4. Payment Failure.
      1. The Advertiser must at all times pay the bills or invoices sent to him/her/it by the Company up to the due date indicated in such bills or invoices. If the Advertiser fails to pay the payment in time, the Company has the right to involve attorneys and the other collection participants to collect the money under such bill/invoice. The Advertiser agrees and must fulfill the payment of services, interests, fees, and payments connected to the collection of such money born by Clickvenus, if there were any.

    The Advertiser declares & guarantees that his campaigns DO NOT and WILL NOT:

    1. involve the promotion of forbidden or limited-sell merchandise or services (including tobacco and alcohol but not limited to them), infringe the intellectual property, infringe the other laws and jurisdictions
    2. have malware, bugs, viruses, malicious or harmful content or engaged in phishing of passwords or the other information
    3. promote the piracy of copyright in any way (including the illegal distribution of MP3 files, emulators, wares, cracks, and so on)
    4. any hate-containing materials or the one promoting hate (racial, social, financial, ethical, political, gender, and so on)
    5. spam-containing or ones that contain distorted news
    6. having fraudulent or misleading materials
    7. impersonate anything or anyone that it does not represent: company, organization, person, software, and so on
    8. giving access to any personal information that should not be disclosed without the personal and exclusive consent of an owner of such information for disclosure
    9. promoting war, illegal substances, hate, intolerance, separation, infringement of laws, hacking, building bombs or weapons, and so on
    10. have deceptive information or deliberately fraudulent, risky, or lousy schemes of investments of money
    11. promoting clicking on banners or ads in any form for any reward or without it
    12. pointing at a site that is still under construction, fully or partially
    13. pointing at a site with a limited audience (the one that has special and obvious privileges to enter/use the site)
    14. having information that is immoral, inappropriate, or indecent according to views of the public morality of the society
    15. linking to any site that has signs of any above-mentioned
    16. promoting pornography, child pornography and other sexually suggestive materials involving minors; escort or prostitution services

    At all times, the Advertiser must ensure to meet the above-mentioned requirements in any of his, her or its campaigns. The Company has the right to check any campaign of any Advertiser in order to verify its compliance of it to this list and to decline in the start of the campaign or to stop it if the campaign has already begun) to any Advertiser if an infringement is found during the actual action of the contract between the Advertiser and Clickvenus.

    If the Advertiser has any changes to its own campaign, the Advertiser must immediately, and as soon as possible after such changes have occurred, inform the Company about them.


    1. Sides or Side can terminate the usage of or the granting of the services provided by the Company without any explanation informing 3 (three) calendar days the other side upfront such termination in written form. If any money/bills must still be paid by the Advertiser to the Company, such payment must be made within 14 calendar days from the termination date.
    2. If any point(s) of these Terms were infringed or the Company believes it (they) were or with high or definite probability will be in the soonest time, the Company is free to terminate granting the services to the Advertiser at any moment. Such infringement may be connected to improper handling of the campaigns by the Advertiser, violation of any part of Part. 3 of these Terms by the Advertiser, laws of the country of registration of the Advertiser and/or the Company, rules of the use of the services provided by the Company, and/or any other serious breach that may be considered illegal by the Company and also if it infringes or deteriorates the business reputation of the Company anyhow or the Company believes that any actions of the Advertiser may bring harm in the future to any aspect of activity of the Company.